About Us

Should you publish with The Wild Olive Press?


It depends.   

If you have a desire to publish excellent literature and are willing to work closely with an editor who will provide a meticulous review of your manuscript, and…  


If you have the discipline and commitment to make your manuscript as perfect as it can be, constrained only by rules of the English language and the limits of your creativity, and…


If you desire to publish meaningful work that touches the hearts and lives of readers, and… 

If you typically strive for excellence in your creative endeavors, and...

If you eschew mediocrity,  


You should consider us.


The focus of our publishing efforts is toward well-written, well-crafted fiction addressing the issues of our time from a Christian perspective.  

Our History


The Wild Olive Press began in 2009 out of a desire to improve the quality of Christian literature, to motivate Christian writers towards excellence in their craft, and to educate Believers about the times and truths in which we live.   

Phase I: 2009-2017 – The Wild Olive Press published any genre where we found manuscripts of interest. We met many wonderful authors and learned many lessons about the publishing business. In the middle of this first phase, other issues interrupted our operations as a publishing house, and we ‘stood down’ for a few years for a lengthy hiatus.   

Phase II: 2017 forward – We are picking up the business again, and the refinement over the years has generated a commitment now to focus only on publishing Christian fiction of the highest quality.

Our Mission


The mission of the Wild Olive Press is to publish wisdom in the form of excellent Christian literature that educates and informs Believers about the times and truths in which we live.