Wagon of Fools & Other Parables, by Samuel Benjamin Gray

This is a unique work written for thoughtful Christian readers hungry for good literature—for those who, tired of fiction littered with thin or anemic characters, predictable plots, and cliché endings, walk into bookstores searching for something by C.S. Lewis. Like any good parable, each story in the collection challenges some aspect of current trends in the religious culture of the day while asserting truth upon a foundation of wisdom. 

The Holy Spirit: Power, Presence, and Purpose, by Michael Boldea, Jr.

An authentic, balanced, and inspired book about the Holy Spirit that makes plain one of the most divisive topics in Christianity today. Written in a plain style, as one Believer speaking directly to another, and depending utterly on Scripture, Michael Boldea, Jr. takes us through a rich study of this third person of the Trinity. We see the Holy Spirit’s power: what He does and does not do, and how, and when, and why. 

The God of Calvinism: A Rebuttal of Reformed Theology, by Louis Ruggiero

Fundamentally this book is about the character of God. Between these pages, Calvinism is in the dock: the charge? Calvinist theology maligns God's character to such a degree that it should be utterly abandoned as a valid Christian doctrine, avoided with all possible industry, or repented of. Why is knowledge of Calvinism important? What are the consequences of Calvinist theology?,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch