Our Approach to Publishing



We are looking for works of wisdom; works that enhance one's discernment, depth, and devotion; works which reflect the aspects of God--Truth unchanging, Love eternal, Righteousness unconquered and triumphant--which, upon reflection, are the timeless themes of all great human literature.

We publish only well-written, high quality fiction from a Christian perspective that espouses a Christian worldview.

We are open to any type of fiction, although the focus of our publishing efforts will be toward well-written, well-crafted fiction that will educate, inform, warn, and advise Believers about the issues of our time.

Of particular interest are stories about the responsibilities Christians will have in the future toward the Jewish remnant who will “look on Him whom they pierced” and come to Him with renewed hearts in the time of Jacob’s Trouble.


We will not publish fiction that in our opinion is based upon incorrect, deceptive, or misleading doctrine. For example, such would include: 

  • Stories in which a ‘pre-tribulation rapture’ is featured 
  • Prosperity doctrines 
  • Positive confession doctrines
  • Dominion Theology  
  • The ecumenical movement
  • Eastern mysticism
  • The New Age, the Emergent Church, the New Apostolic Reformation, or anything related to the heresies coming from the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ or the ‘Lakeland Revival’
  • Cessationism or 'Charismania'
  • Replacement Theology
  • Stories in which a one-world religion is featured as something positive, or toward which Christians should work 
  • Contemplative Spirituality 
  • Doctrines espoused by ‘The Purpose-Driven Church’, the Shack, or other such deceptive and heretical works   

The above list is not inclusive. We are living in a time of great deception. The Wild Olive Press will not contribute to this dark, pernicious trend. We will be true to the Word. If your work does not speak according to “…the law and the testimony,” please do not submit your manuscript.   


If we accept your manuscript for publication, The Wild Olive Press will pay authors 20% of royalties earned until such time as our expenses in preparing and publishing the manuscript have been recovered. Immediately after the date our expenses have been recovered and thereafter in perpetuity, authors are paid 80% of the royalties.

There may be situations in which The Wild Olive Press and/or the author may want to adjust these terms and conditions. We will work with individual authors as their situations may require.


We are a very small publishing house, and therefore our marketing resources are limited. Our main marketing efforts will focus on obtaining endorsements of your work from teachers, websites, or other sources aligned with the message your work conveys so as to get your book in front of as many people as possible.

Publishing Contract

We will ask our authors to review and sign an industry-standard publishing contract prior to publishing their work.

We are NOT a Vanity Publisher

If we accept your manuscript for publication, we will cover all costs required to publish it--reviews, editing, submission to Amazon's Createspace subsidiary (our production resource), and the cover.